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Woodstock Garage Door Repair Woodstock Garage Door Repair Woodstock Garage Door Repair Woodstock Garage Door Repair
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Is your Garage Door Acting up? Don’t Fret. Here’s what to do

Whenever you encounter difficulty with your garage door, it’s definitely a lousy situation. It never happens at a convenient time, and it’s always unnerving. After opening and shutting thousands of times as the years pass, it’s bound to demand some close attention. There are a good number of causes for your troubles. Some are simple; some are more complex. Here are the possibilities and solutions.

Complicated Issues: Garage Door Springs

If one of your garage door springs should break, it will likely arise suddenly. The garage door will slam with a loud bang. Again, the first thing to do is to see whether a spring is broken. If this is the problem, the door won't function, and you will notice that the spring has been severed into pieces. Of course, broken springs must be replaced. Springs have to be replaced in sets: If one spring breaks, the second one will soon break also. A garage door usually weighs as much as 300 pounds, so it’s nearly impossible - and truly dangerous - to attempt to raise it. A professional garage door repair technician is required to carry out garage door spring replacement or repair. In-depth skill, safety, and precision are needed. Bear in mind that probably spring repair isn’t going to be possible, and only replacement will save the day.

There are two basic types of garage door springs:

Torsion springs are mounted on the header above the garage door, with a round rod connected to the garage door’s sides. Torsion springs are recommended by most garage door experts as your absolute best bet. However, they are very hazardous. They should be adjusted or replaced only by an exceedingly qualified garage door repair technician, whom you can fully count on to follow proper safety precautions.

Extension springs are the kind that go on each side of the garage door, stretched alongside the garage door’s overhead track. They are less expensive than torsion springs are, and you’ll frequently find them on older homes. They also need professional attention.

Easy Issues

Does the garage door opener run for several seconds, then turn off? If your garage door still isn’t moving, remaining shut, and the door motor is trying yet failing to lift the door, then what you need to do is to examine the springs. If they aren’t broken, look closely at the track for any tiny obstacles, dirt, or grime. If none of these is the culprit, then your garage door could be the sort with a built-in lock, engaging inadvertently. This commonly occurs on an older garage door.

Inspect the cables. First, scrutinize your garage door springs thoroughly. If they are not broken, then take a close look at the cables. A cable may have come loose, or it could be broken. If you see that the cabling appears different on one side of the garage door or the other, then you are probably going to need cable repair or replacement.

More Serious Issues

DO NOT ATTEMPT to adjust your garage door by yourself! If your garage door isn’t properly serviced, a garage door spring can cause major injury, and even death. The garage door drums, bottom brackets, and cables may also require adjustment. Avoid taking risks, and stay out of harm’s way! Find an accomplished local garage door repair specialist you know you can count on. If you are living anywhere in Woodstock, Georgia, consider hiring a legitimate company such as Woodstock Garage Door Repair, which is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to help you.

Your garage door track might be out of alignment. This is a big problem. The metal track of your garage door has to be exactly aligned, or it won’t budge. Are there any bends in the rails, or any gaps between the rollers and the rails? The significant weight of the garage door will compound these issues as the years go by, so if your garage door starts malfunctioning, you ought not to put off servicing it, because it could soon easily become dangerous. It’s time to call a garage door repair specialist.

Does the garage door refuse to go up? Unfortunately, your garage door spring requires expert attention. Whenever either of your garage door springs breaks, the door is ultimately going to stop working altogether, so eventually it just won’t open. Contact a garage door repair professional.

What You Can Do Yourself

Routine garage door maintenance really doesn’t require that much effort. The minimal time you have to spend keeping your garage door in excellent shape is totally worth it, because if you ever really do end up having to repair your garage door, it won’t end up costing too much. Moreover, you probably won’t have to get any parts replaced for many years.

Each year, before winter comes, lubricate the garage door springs, rollers, and hinges. Be sure to use a top name brand, so it won’t dry out. A light coating is all you need. Without lubrication, the coils will bind and break, and the springs will rust.

Once a month, take a good look at the components of your whole garage door system. Tighten down any loose bolts you find. If you discover any worn parts, replace them. If you ever hear any strange noises when your garage door shuts and opens, don’t procrastinate; investigate!

It’s a good idea to schedule a yearly inspection with a local reputable garage door repair company you know you can always rely on. Cables, springs, pulleys, and wires call for professional attention.

Follow a garage door maintenance routine. If you establish the habit of being on the lookout for signs of garage door wear and tear, you’ll extend the life of your garage door. Because your garage door is actually the largest operating appliance in your household, it’s important to keep it in tiptop condition. Especially if your garage doubles as a game room, workshop, or office, then it’s even more important to effectively maintain it.